The information below had red flags all over it. Americans should take heed that this could be our future. It’s like a war zone over in the UK with armed guards everywhere. The British people let this happen with open borders and unlimited refugee resettlement. Please read below and note this family NEVER became a part of their new country.


The Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, 22, had made trips to Libya and had just returned from there “days ago”. A school friend said, “He went to Libya three weeks ago and came back recently, like days ago.”

Authorities looked into his connections with al-Qaeda and Islamic State in his parents’ homeland of Libya. It’s being reported that he went through a secret terror training in Syria prior to his return home.

Abedi born in Manchester and grew up in tight-knit Libyan community that was known for its strong opposition to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

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‘The family is super religious. They have about 10 kids and you never see any of the girls,’ one neighbour, who did not want to be named, said. ‘I only ever saw the mother once or twice in 10 years. She always stayed in the house and whenever I saw her she was wearing a veil.”

Salman had become radicalized recently – it is not entirely clear when – and had worshipped at a local mosque that has, in the past, been accused of fundraising for jihadists.


The imam of the local mosque branded Abedi a dangerous extremist. “Salman showed me the face of hate after my speech on Isis,” said the imam. “He used to show me the face of hate and I could tell this person does not like me. It’s not a surprise to me.”

Neighbors noticed the family had recently become withdrawn: “They are a Libyan family and they have been acting strangely. A couple of months ago Salman was chanting the an Islamic prayer really loudly in the street. He was chanting in Arabic.

Born in 1994, the second youngest of four children, Abedi’s parents were Libyan refugees who fled to the UK to escape Gaddafi.


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