After the photo of a father and a young child appeared in nearly every media publication around the world, the Democrats have been trying their best to blame the deaths on President Trump’s immigration policy.

The propaganda surrounding this photo has reached epic levels because the media has become an arm of the DNC.

Social media is full of angry people blaming President Trump and anyone in his administration involved in immigration.

Let’s face it; the media has done a fantastic job of selling the lie to the American people that this is somehow President Trump’s fault.

The truth is that the second highest number of border deaths happened under the Obama administration. From 2008-2012, over two-hundred to over four-hundred deaths at the border happened under Obama.

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According to Military News: During Obama’s two-term presidency, from 2008 to 2016, border deaths ranged from 251 to 471 each year. The 471 deaths occurred in 2012, and that is the second highest number of border deaths in the last 20 years.

In the first two years of Trump’s presidency, border deaths have actually decreased.

The bottom line is that this is nothing new but the media and Democrats suddenly care about the deaths because they are using them as a political weapon.

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Kamala Harris and other Democrats are trying to blame President Trump:

The Center for Immigration studies is where the facts are. The tweeted out today about the Salvadoran father and child with a great article about how our asylum loopholes are incentivizing the illegals to come to the U.S.

Democrats blamed Trump for the drowned Salvadoran father and his daughter. But by the family’s own admission, they were coming for economic reasons, not fleeing violence. The gaps in our own asylum law encouraged them to take the dangerous journey.


Our Congress needs to deal with these asylum loopholes ASAP, but they have refused to do anything about them.

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