The details behind the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich continue to be shrouded in secrecy as the mainstream media, the FBI, and the Democratic National Committee itself have gone out of their way to prevent people from looking into the matter.

Companies were pressured to pull advertisements from FOX News after Sean Hannity was one of only a few mainstream media personalities to even discuss the issue.

The anonymous ‘Guccifer 2.0’ account that allegedly corresponded with Wikileaks leading up to the DNC’s emails being leaked claimed that the person who gave them the emails was named ‘Seth’.  No one followed up on the issue.

The FBI has fought tooth and nail to resist FOIA requests from concerned citizens who have attempted to get to the bottom of Seth Rich’s murder.

After first claiming that they wanted to protect the contents of Seth’s laptop to protect his family, they pivoted to claiming it would reveal confidential FBI sources.

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After losing in court, they now claim it will take 66 years to release the documents.

Zero Hedge Reports

In the new filing, government lawyers said the FBI never extracted the data, which it revealed as originating with a law enforcement agency. They said the information is on a compact disc containing images of the laptop.

“The FBI did not open an investigation into the murder of Seth Rich, nor did it provide investigative or technical assistance to any investigation into the murder of Seth Rich. As a result, the FBI has never extracted the data from the compact disc and never processed the information contained on the disc,” they said.

To produce the information, the FBI would have to convert information on the disc into pages and then review the pages to redact information per FOIA, according to the government.

If Mazzant upholds his order, the FBI wants a lengthy period of time to perform the work—66 years, or 500 pages a month.

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