ICE Director Tom Homan lets it rip on the people who want to abolish ICE…educate yourselves! He goes on to describe what happens when the illegals enter the US. Homan is an American Patriot who will be missed after 34 years in law enforcement. He’s a straight shooter…

He wants the Democrat politicians to remember the laws ICE enforces were put in place by Congress.

Americans are so lucky to have this man as the ICE director! Thomas Homan, Acting Dir. of ICE “We’re not abusing our authority. We’re enforcing the law. And what Kamala Harris needs to understand is her facts – 89% of everybody we arrested last fiscal year… did have a criminal history.”

Think about it: 89% of the illegals arrested have a criminal history!

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Kamala Harris said that ICE is “abusing” authority:

This is just how far the left has gone. They’re ignoring federal law and are ok with CRIMINAL illegal aliens living in the US. It’s insanity!


TOM HOMAN IS A HERO! The ICE director has a warning for politicians protecting criminal illegals: “We’re not going away”
He’s sick of politicians vilifying the ICE officers.

Acting ICE director Thomas Homan: “I’ll say this to the mayor and every other politician that wants to vilify the men and women of ICE: We’re not going away, we’re going to keep enforcing the law.”


Acting ICE director Thomas Homan: “Being a law enforcement officer is already dangerous enough, but to give the criminals a heads up that we’re coming in the next 24 hours, increases that risk.”

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