Maricopa County is one of the key county’s that decides elections in Arizona and across the United States.

In 2020, voters documented a series of irregularities with Maricopa County’s elections and poll workers who were acting outside of the state’s election laws.

Already this morning, there have been widespread issues with Maricopa County’s vote tabulators.

In precincts across the county, tabulators have either went down completely or are ‘misreading’ ballots.

Coincidentally, Maricopa County is one of the areas that Biden’s Department of Justice is monitoring on election day.


People have speculated that the precincts where voting machines are down are disproportionately Republican precincts.

In one video, long lines are seen as an election worker explains that one of the precincts vote tabulators down and another is ‘misreading’ votes about 25 percent of the time.

Another voter reported that their ballot was being rejected at a polling station in Greenway High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another voter filmed a polling station where a voting machine was not working.  Poll workers told him to stop filming even though he was not including their faces in the video.

Poll workers are telling voters in Republican areas in Maricopa County that if their vote cannot be tabulated at the polling station, they should put it in a separate box of votes that will be hand tabulated ‘downtown’.

Republican officials are warning voters to not put their votes in ‘Box 3’ which would mean that their votes are not counted today, or possibly at all

The person running elections in Arizona is none other than Kari Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs.

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