The future of the Democratic Party in one picture:

The party of confusing messages and priorities…

Confusing different policies and different ideologies defines the modern Democratic Party…Whether it’s on domestic or foreign policy, you can count on the Democrats to confuse the heck out of the American people…

Andrew McCarthy says it best in his National Review column, “Democrats Know the Election Was Legitimate but Persist in a Dangerous Fraud.” Andy reminds us of the Democrats’ 180 on “accepting the results of the election.”

“Horrifying!” inveighed an indignant Hillary Clinton at the last presidential debate, less than three weeks before Election Day. What so horrified her? Donald Trump’s refusal to pledge that he would accept the legitimacy of the election.

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Trump speculated that the electoral process could be rigged. Until he saw how it played out, the Republican nominee said, he could not concede that the result would be on the up-and-up.
A flabbergasted Clinton responded that she was shocked — horrified! — to hear Trump “talking down our democracy.” This was a top theme in her campaign’s closing days: The election was absolutely legitimate; Trump was traitorously condemnable for refusing to say so.

Of course, Clinton and the Democrats who parroted her would prefer that you forget that now.

Ever since election day, the Democrats have tried to undermine the Trump administration by questioning the legitimacy of his victory. But until now, I don’t recall any of them actually denying that Trump won the election. That is the position taken last night by the newly-installed Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez.

Speaking to a Democratic rally in Newark, Perez said, among other things: “Republicans don’t give a shit about people” and “Donald Trump, you didn’t win the election.” According to Perez, the wrong candidate was inaugurated on January 20.

And the knock on Perez when he ran for DNC Chairman was that he wasn’t crazy enough! In today’s Democratic Party, insanity isn’t optional. It is mandatory.

Via: Powerline

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