Nathan Domingo is the founder of “Identity Europa” and is the guy who was seen by millions of viewers punching a female Antifa thug the media tried to portray as a helpless woman that just happened to be in the area when fighting broke out at a free speech rally in Berkeley, CA on April 16th.

The last time these two group clashed, the Trump supporters were seriously outnumbered. This time was a different story. Trump supporters came prepared for the unprovoked attacks of these hate groups and took them to task. With all the violence that happened yesterday, leftist media outlets seemed to be obsessed with reporting on the video that was taken of an alleged Trump supporter who punched an antifa female who was part of the violent group “Oak Roots Collective” that traveled to Berkeley to confront Trump supporters and shut down their right to free speech.

Here’s the video. At the 18 second mark you can see the woman cock her arm back as though she is about to swing her arm at someone. When she brings her arm forward, that is where she gets hit. We are NOT condoning the hitting of a woman by a man, but if she had a bottle in her hand and was about to hit someone that changes everything:

CBS San Fransisco Bay Area news interviewed anarchist Louise Rosealma, who along with her boyfriend is a member of the Oak Roots Collective. Here’s a sample of the violence they promote on their Facebook page. This is how these people (that should be labeled as domestic terrorists) see themselves. These anarchists live in a world where it’s okay to act with violence against law enforcement and innocent people who don’t agree with their political views:

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Here’s Nathan Domingo, the man who mowed down “Moldylocks” telling his side of the story about what happened: 

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Here’s citizen journalist Tim Pool talking to the Antifa female who was hit. When he asks her if she thinks it’s okay that Antifa rioters threw M-80’s at people on the Trump side, her response was, “Well, the revolution isn’t f*cking easy!” (This video was taken after she was hit) Apparently she was correct about one thing…

For anyone wondering what an “identiatrian” is, here is a screen shot from the Identity Evropa website:

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