Sheriff Rivera of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office gave an update on the state of two injured deputies who were shot on Saturday morning by a man who died at the scene.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office reported that two deputies were performing “routine perimeter security” when they encountered a man on the lawn of the Sheriff’s Office Building. The man produced a handgun and began to fire at the deputies as they approached him, and both deputies were shot in the face. One deputy returned fire and killed the man shooting at the two deputies.

There is no known motive, according to the sheriff, “We don’t know what he was doing here on our grounds. We are speculating that he might be transient. And the deputies were just going up to him to, you know, check on him. And then something occurred.”

Sheriff Rivera explained, “Because it’s under investigation, I don’t know which deputy shot, or both, but there was an exchange between the deputies and the individual.”

While one deputy remains in critical condition after being shot in the eye, he is stable. Local ABC4 reports that the second deputy who had been “grazed right through the cheek” will be released from the hospital on Sunday and is in stable condition.

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Sheriff Rivera reported that the deputies are very fortunate and that the job of law enforcement has become more and more dangerous:

   “We’re very fortunate that he is able to go home, and yes, he has a bullet that grazed right through his cheek…,”

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“The job of law enforcement is becoming more and more dangerous. I am grateful to have deputies like these who are willing to put their lives on the line in the name of public safety.”

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