Jay Leno was truly the last late night host that was funny and never went low like the current late night hosts.

He knew where to draw the line on civility in politics. He did it in such a way that it was still funny but not mean-spirited like Bill Maher and others. Remember Maher’s brutality towards the Covington High School kids?

That’s just one example of many where the late night hosts took it too far. Maher is now in hot water over the Covington comments because Nicholas Sandmann’s lawyer announced just yesterday that the lawyers are looking at suing Maher along with CNN and others. Maybe suing these hosts is what it’ll take to get them to stop the slander.

Leno sat down with the “Today” show’s Al Roker to discuss current late-night comedy and the lack of civility:

Jay Leno was asked if he misses “The Tonight Show.”

His answer was: “No.”

President Trump tweeted out acknowledging Leno’s comments:

We miss Leno and we miss the civility.


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