NBC News Anchor Andrea Mitchell had a moment of honesty where she questioned the Biden team’s transparency, and the left went bonkers. Reporters including Andrea Mitchell have been shilling for Democrats like Biden and Clinton for years. They refrained from asking any hardball questions throughout Biden’s campaign. Mitchell has one slight criticism of the Biden team, and all heck breaks loose. There are calls for Mitchell to retire and even worse after she said this about Biden’s trip to the doctor:

“We now know that President-Elect Biden hurt his foot on Saturday, and yet we knew nothing about it until a few hours later when he saw a doctor to get x-rays. Makes us wonder about the Biden team’s transparency…”


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Some of the comments on Twitter are hilarious. One comment claims she’s a secret Republican because she always wears red. It’s very obvious that Andrew Mitchell isn’t a Republican!

One comment could have hit the nail on the head. Is Andrea ticked off that she didn’t get scoop from Biden?

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