“The day a twitter mob can change a headline on the New York Times this paper is truly finished and replaced by a new kind of 1984 Ministry of Truth. The news is now what people say it is.” – former Democrat Mark Penn

The headline from the New York Times last night wasn’t received well by the left. #CancelNYT is still trending on Twitter.

They had a hissy fit about the title saying: “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” Nope, we can’t have unity according to the left because that wouldn’t be a winner for them. They have to keep the disunity going because it’s more politically expedient for them.

The left immediately disagreed with what President Trump had to say about the hateful mass shootings and took to Twitter to demand that people cancel the New York Times. How dare they not tow the leftist narrative of “Orange man bad and racist.”

Screenshot from Twitter:

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It’s hard to believe that they would agree with anything the president had to say about what happened over the weekend:


When the mob rules, they get what they want, so the New York Times changed their title to be anti-Trump:


A writer for the NYT even tweeted out that the first headline was “horrible”:

The left is working overtime to control the narrative against President Trump. Why? It’s all they’ve got. They have no solutions and no policy changes to point to as a success. The only plan is to attack President Trump to win in 2020…pathetic.


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