The most important video of the 2020 election warns Americans that the far left is trying to take down our country “one pillar at a time”…

Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of True the Vote, breaks down a stunning scenario of what could happen after the November election. She’s the fighter who took on the IRS and won (see below).

“True the Vote is out with a 30-minute documentary-style national media buy – and complimentary microsite – to raise awareness of the vast security gaps in election laws and processes all across the country, particularly as it relates to the expansion of vote by mail. The program will air in front of a national audience ahead of Election Day to drive citizens to deter election fraud by personally engaging in the election process, whether it’s through working at the polls, on committees that verify mail-in ballots, or other critical election needs. As the country’s largest voters’ rights and election integrity organization, True the Vote has been on the front lines of election fraud prevention since its founding in 2009. For more information on all of True the Vote’s efforts, visit”


True The Vote wins after a decade-long battle against the IRS that started in 2010!

True the Vote’s founder Catherine Engelbrecht had this to say after the victory:

“At the outset of this case, I testified before Congress and swore that I would never retreat or surrender. Today I have fulfilled that oath. Thank you to all the citizens across the country who stood steadfastly beside us. We could not have done it without your support.”

Engelbrecht told Breitbart News that she believes the victory for freedom should be dedicated to the late Andrew Breitbart:

“It’s been on my heart. In so many ways, this is really a victory that should be dedicated to Andrew,” Engelbrecht said in a phone interview on Thursday morning. “When this all began, I got a call from Andrew, who knew that I was way out of my wheelhouse of expectation that a government could do what was already happening. Andrew stepped in and ran towards the fire on my behalf. the lessons learned in that, the willingness to just charge in because it was the right thing to do—truth has no agenda, right? He just said, ‘Let me be your rodeo clown. Let me go in front. Let me go in front.’ And in some ways, maybe True the Vote went in front for other organizations and citizens and for others who may be scared to speak out. It was a long battle, but we won.”

US District Court Judge Reggie Walton ruled that the IRS targeted the group that fights for election integrity by displaying “unconstitutional discrimination and unethical behavior”

CBN reports that the ‘True the Vote’ v. IRS lawsuit has finally come to an end. And it’s being seen as a big victory for freedom in the IRS-Lois Lerner saga in which conservative organizations were targeted and blocked from gaining tax-exempt status to keep them from being involved in the 2012 election. The judge ordered the IRS to pay all legal fees for True the Vote.

Judge Walton ruled

True the Vote was targeted by more than just the IRS! Under the Obama Administration, the DOJ, FBI, ATF, and OSHA launched 23 audits and investigations into True the Vote.

In 2013, True the Vote sued the IRS and spent millions fighting the government agency that had also targeted Tea Party groups.

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