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Before we proceed with this article I’d like to establish something: When someone sneaks into this country or overstays their visa they are breaking the law. Being in the United States without permission from the government is a crime. Got that? Good. Now on to this piece of absurdity: “Low risk” illegal aliens (people that snuck into the US) are being released from detention with the condition that they wear an ankle monitoring bracelet, and if you can believe it they are complaining that it makes them feel like criminals.

The LA Times reports, and they do so without ever using the terms “illegal alien” or “undocumented immigrant”:

GPS ankle monitors are becoming standard equipment for immigration officials along the border. In July, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, used about 9,300 ankle monitors at a time — 40% more than about six months ago…Officials say the monitors are a cheap and effective way to ensure that immigrants released from detention attend court hearings.

From an illegal alien standpoint, getting out of a detention center is a pretty sweet deal, but you know how they are, always wanting more, so this ankle monitor program has some of them complaining:

The Honduran woman and her 11-year-old son were just preparing to leave the detention center in remote Karnes City, Texas, and rejoin family in Chicago, when officials sprang a surprise on her.

After spending two months at the facility, the woman faced a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent insisting she accept an electronic ankle monitor as a condition of her release.

“No, this is unjust. I don’t want you to put it on,” said the illegal alien who goes by Nely.

Nely contended that it was illegal to force her to wear an ankle monitor since she had been released by a judge with no bail or other requirements. After she was freed, she called her pro bono attorney and returned to immigration court, where a judge ordered the monitor removed.

“It took days to get the company to take the device off,” said Nelly. “It feels like they’re not operating under the law.”

Really? Someone that illegally entered the country is going to complain about someone else not operating under the law? How’s that for a lack of self-awareness?

Victor Cruz, 41, a taxi driver from Usulutan, El Salvador, who crossed the border into Texas with his 12-year-old daughter illegally last month, has been released with an ankle monitor.

“It bothers me — it hurts my skin and it’s hot,” said Cruz.

I’m sure the ObamaCare handouts he’s not supposed to be eligible for will provide him with all the free medical care he needs to deal with his hot ouchy ankle skin.

Easily the funniest quote to come of this is courtesy of Sister Norma Pimentel, who runs an illegal alien aid center in McAllen, TX near the Southern border.

“They feel like a criminal,” said Pimental, complaining on behalf of illegals that have to wear the ankle monitor.

Well they are criminals, so why should it matter if the feel like a criminal or not? It’s not my opinion that they are criminals; it’s a fact. They broke the law by entering the US without permission. Remember? We established that at the beginning of the article.

This BS shows what a sense of entitlement illegal aliens have. They don’t want to come here the right way. They don’t want to deal with the consequences when they are caught. They just want to be allowed wander in and reap the full benefits of citizenship without having earned it.

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