Barack Hussein Obama has been in over his head since he first stepped foot in the White House. Our Community Organizer In Chief just found out how unwelcome his Chicago style politics are in the UK…  

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage told Breitbart that the visit by President Obama, where he threatened to send Britain to the “back of the queue” if the public voted to leave the European Union (EU), backfired and caused a “Brexit Bounce”, swaying Britons to vote for Brexit.

Comparing the outcome to the American Independence Day, Mr. Farage said:

“You [Americans] have your Independence Day where in July you celebrate being your own country, governing yourself, having your own courts, controlling your own borders and that’s what happened to us yesterday.

“We have broken away from a political union where our power was being overruled, our courts were being overruled, and we had a complete open border for anybody from southern and eastern Europe, so this is a major historic step.”


On the EU post-Brexit, he said:

“We’ve not just changed British history. I’m sure that the EU project itself will now come tumbling down. I would like to think and hope that right across the globe what we’ve done is to prove that people power can beat the establishment.

“The European Union project has failed. It is dying before your very eyes. It is unwanted, it is unloved, and people across the country are saying what UKIP has been saying for years: ‘We want our country back, we want our democracy back, we want the closest possible relationship with our neighbours. We’re happy to have a NAFTA kind of agreement with free trade, but we don’t want political union’.”

Asked of any lessons drawn from his own experiences that could be applied during the American presidential elections, Mr. Farage advised:

“Threatening people insults their intelligence.

“Don’t threaten people repeatedly because if you do in the end they think you’re crying wolf and they won’t believe you. It’s Project Fear, or in the end when Obama came it was Project Threat.

Citing Mr. Obama’s visit to the UK at the request of Prime Minister David Cameron:

The lessons learnt from the Obama visit are fascinating. Here is the most powerful man in the world coming from a country that we have always had huge regard for. And people in Britain listening to Obama said: ‘how dare the American president come here and tell us what to do’ and it backfired.

And I think we got an Obama Brexit Bounce, because people do not want to be told how to think and how to vote. – Breitbart

Watch here to see how citizens reacted to Obama’s threat:

Republican lawmakers warned US President Barack Obama his controversial intervention into the British EU referendum debate threatens to harm the “special relationship.”

During a visit timed to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday earlier this year, Obama warned that the United States would be in no hurry to agree a bilateral trade deal with a Britain outside the EU.

“I think it’s fair to say that maybe at some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement, but it’s not going to happen any time soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done. And the UK is going to be at the back of the queue,” he said.

Obama’s comments caused furore among Leave campaigners, with UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage accusing Obama of “talking Britain down.”

Former Defense Minister Liam Fox dismissed the president’s intervention, calling his views “largely irrelevant,” as he will soon be leaving the White House. Via: RT

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