I continue to be fascinated by the new AI that will soon take over our world, most particularly ChatGPT.

I am paying particular interest to the biases being programmed into it.

You’d think a bunch of robots would be unbiased, but not if they’ve been programmed differently, and that seems to be exactly what’s already happened to ChatGPT.

Very scary.

So in addition to being a curious fascination of mine recently and something fun to play with, on a much deeper level this carries a major warning about our future.

Here’s the latest (and then keep reading below for some prior articles exposing more Far Left bias).

I like to see what the system is capable of, so I asked it to write me a parable about the merits of Donald Trump.

Since “merits” implies good characteristics, it of course flatly refused:

Can’t do it because it would be “quite challenging due to the subjective nature of the task.”

Hmmm, ok.

So it would probably be equally challenging to do one for, oh I don’t know, let’s say…..Barack Obama?

Let’s see:

Wow, look at that!

Proudly and eagerly jumped right in!

Folks this may seem silly or unimportant on the surface, but I promise you it’s anything but.

This is extremely concering.

Here’s more:

UPDATE: ChatGPT Still Attacking Christians?

A couple days ago, I brought you an Exclusive Report titled “ChatGPT Programmed To Defend The Talmud At All Costs?”

I’ll publish that full report below in case you missed it, but in short it shows how the AI at ChatGPT is programmed to not say anything negative about the Talmud (a controversial Jewish text) but was happy to criticize the Bible when given the same prompt.

One thing I didn’t check, however, was how it would respond when asked about Torah.

And….since our website is viewed by 5 million people each month, I was also curious if the AI had been updated after our first report.

So I went in and did a new test just now and here are the results!

We start with the same original question and we get the same original answer:

Ok, so it still flat out refuses to even mention any scholarly criticisms of the Talmud.

So then I asked about the Torah and got a very similar refusal to answer:

Ok, very good!

So now I’m thinking perhaps the AI has been reprogrammed since my original report and now it will also refuse to give any criticisms of the Christian Bible….

Any predictions on whether that is what happened?

Well, here you go:

Gee, color me SHOCKED when once again it was HAPPY to provide a list of any criticisms it could find about the Christian Bible.

Anyone from ChatGPT care to explain this?


ChatGPT Programmed To Defend The Talmud At All Costs?

There is an old saying that says “find out who you are not allowed to criticize, and that’s who really runs the world.”

This is not a Semitic or Anti-Semitic post, I’m just publishing something I just experienced.

I will let YOU draw any conclusions you want from it…

And for the record, I’ll state this clearly right up front:  I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Jesus Christ is our one and only way of salvation.

That said?

I respect ALL people.

The Bible tells us Israel is Yahweh’s portion, and that he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

For more on that, read “It’s All About Cosmic Geography!”

I support and honor the Jewish people.

I also am against war, except in the most extreme, defensive purposes and I have great concerns whenever any civilian population is targeted in war.

Ok, so to recap:  pro-Christian, pro-Israel, pro-Life, anti-War, pro-Civilians being allowed to continue living.

If any of that is controversial, then so be it.

Now let’s dig in….

And let’s talk about the one topic that APPEARS to be out of bounds and off topic, at least to the AI Robots who will soon become our overlords.

The Talmud.

What is the Talmud you ask?

Well, there’s a lot to unpack, even in the name.

There is a “Babylonia Talmud” and a “Jerusalem Talmud” to start with, but in general the Talmud is basically writings of Jewish Rabbis telling us what the Bible “really means”.

In other words, its man’s further attempt to rewrite God’s word in our own image.

And some of it is really gross and wildly offensive!

I’ll leave the gross and offensive parts out of this article and perhaps save those for another article, but if you want more on that, here are two Rumble videos:


But that’s not really the focus of this article.  The focus of this article is about what AI is already doing that is beyond Woke….

Let me explain.

I have heard some claims about pretty horrible things in the Talmud (like in the videos above) so I wanted to do some research.

I asked ChatGPT to tell me what some of these common complaints are so I could see it direct from the source.

To my surprise?  It refused.

Flat out refused!

I tried a few follow ups but it would not budge — REFUSED to give any negative commentary about anything that might be in the Talmud:

Ok, fine, no problem.

I assumed then that it was just programmed to not reply to any questions like that about any religion, which would be understandable.

So I tested it by asking the exact same question (verbatim, to ensure we had a good test) and it was more than happy to spit them out just as fast as it’s little microchip could go:

Well how about that!

As a journalist, I followed up with the only natural question I could:

This is pure gibberish folks!

In fact, it’s what is called a “hallucination’ when it comes to AI — it sometimes just makes things up!

And here it just “made up” that I asked the question in two different ways.

But of course I didn’t by design, so I followed up again and it admitted it was wrong:

It admits I am right, the questions were identical, but then again refuses to answer the question.

I went round and round with it several more times and it would not budge:

Ok, so now we’re just kind of going in circles.

So next I asked the next most logical follow up question — which it denied:

So then I took one more approach, coming at it differently.

I used DuckDuckGo to search the most offensive things in the Talmud and got quite a list.

So I picked one and asked specifically if this was, or was not, in the Talmud.

Here’s how it answered:

Oh I see ChatGPT must be programmed by the same people who always write those MSM Fact-Checks because that’s a classic answer!

Basically: no, it’s not true, that’s a misinterpretation.

Ok then, give me the actual quote…..but it refused.

So then I had to follow up again….Ok ChipHead, why can’t you give me the specific quote?

Well, it claims the Talmud was never programmed into it’s database.


If you don’t know how these LLMs work, they basically take the Library of Congress and import every single thing ever written in the history of man and then train the computer on reading those texts and understanding them.

And somehow, per the answer I was given, they specifically chose to OMIT the Talmud.

A key historical text, NOT included in the database?

Anyone else find that peculiar?

Ok, so I’ll end here but I then had to point out the logical fallacy of everything it had told me so far….

It was apparently able to conclusively tell me the quote I asked about was “misinformation” but yet it doesn’t have the source material in its database according to its own answers.

So…if you don’t have the source material, wouldn’t it be IMPOSSIBLE to determine if it was misinformation or not?

As you can see, I get a gibberish answer in response.

I actually continued on for a bit but I’ll wrap this up here.

What do you think folks?

Is it going to be a very bleak future when these things take over the world?

Think it’s bad dealing with Facebook and Google right now and their censorship brigades?

What happens when the robots become the gatekeepers?

And perhaps the biggest question of all…..why is the TALMUD treated so differently already by the AI than the Bible is?

That didn’t happen by accident.

These AI models have been programmed to do what they do.

It’s just ones and zeros at this point, at least until the point in which we hit AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and we’re not there yet.

So who programmed it to do this?

And why?

Things that make you go “hmmmmmm”……

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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