While examples of voter fraud and continued blocking of Republicans in the vote counting, Joe Biden comes out and declares that “the process is working”??? He goes on to say he has “no doubt” he’ll win. This is third world stuff when an opposing candidate tries to behave like he’s got it in the bag. This is NOT America.

As things unfold, it becomes clearer that the fix was in long ago. The curious effort by governors of states like Pennsylvania and Michigan to keep their states locked down is now understandable. This was to push the narrative that people need to have mail-in ballots when they could already get absentee ballots. It opened the door for voter fraud like we’ve never seen. This is a fraud on the American people, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

It’s no wonder Nancy Pelosi calmly claimed Biden would win. They knew the fix was in long ago. It’s why they ran a very lackluster campaign. Why campaign when you know you’re going to win no matter what?

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