Mark Milley disgraces the United States Armed Forces more every day during his tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Milley has changed the military’s priorities from remaining a formidable fighting force in to using it for liberals social engineering projects.

This month, the Army released a training memo that would require soldiers to shower with and use the same barracks as transgender soldiers.  The memo threatened retaliation against soldiers that expressed their discomfort with the arrangement.

Milley has said that he is actively studying “white rage” rather than trying to keep our military competitive with China and Russia.

He also actively undermined President Trump during his tenure as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the President.

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After the January 6th unrest, he told senior military officials not to listen to President Trump’s orders, hyping up the nonsensical idea that Trump was planning a coup.

It was Milley who was planning a coup all along.

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Senator Chuck Grassley destroyed woke Milley during a Congressional hearing this week.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

“Milley allegedly placed military hands — his hands — on controls that belonged exclusively to the president. According to Peril, [he] summoned senior operation officers in the military command center to his office,” Grassley said, adding, “He had them take ‘an oath’ not to ‘act’ on the president’s orders without checking with him first,” Grassley said.

These brazen words and actions, if accurate, strike at the heart of our democracy — civilian control of the military. They turn this guiding rule upside down and show utter contempt for the commander-in-chief coming from the nation’s top general. They are dangerous and contrary to military code 10 US Code 888.

“After my third note, Gen. Milley responded with the same old smoke and mirrors routine: ‘I have never read the books.’ Years of oversight have taught me this lesson. Evasive answers usually offer revealing clues about the truth,”

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