In Canada, a war memorial in British Columbia honoring fallen soldiers was vandalized with graffiti that read “The Real Heroes are the Vaccinated!” These spray-painted words glorifying COVID vaccines covered the names of those who sacrificed themselves for their country.

This disrespectful act occurred in the early hours of Canada’s Remembrance Day but, fortunately, city workers and first responders were able to clean it off in time for that day’s parade and ceremony which honored the country’s veterans.

The defacement of this memorial was condemned in a statement from the city of Cranbrook, where this took place, which read, “This act does not speak to the character and values of our citizens and our community”.

It’s hard to understand why people who get vaccinated are “heroes” at all… let alone more heroic than those who gave their lives for their country. The ‘vaccinated’ status has become far too inflated and people are touting their vaccination status like a medal of honor when, in reality, these people have done nothing heroic nor do they deserve special praise.

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This is now an active police investigation as the authorities in Cranbrook, B.C. search for the person(s) responsible for this vandalism.

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