The Six Biggest Lies About January 6th

A guest post by PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative.

#6: President Donald Trump incited an insurrection.

Parker: Take this as you will. This item is listed sixth, but I wanted to put it first because it’s the most significant lie and most consequential of them all. To suggest a then-sitting president was fomenting a coup against the state is not a minor charge. Though Pelosi and others used the Reichstag Fire to impeach Trump and prevent him from holding elected office, there is still a law on the books that can lead to the death penalty for treason. When Joe Biden, Democrats, and the media parrot the schtick that Donald Trump incited an insurrection, they are making assertions tantamount to saying Donald Trump led a treasonous revolt.

Now, I didn’t watch any coverage of Thursday’s pathetic solemn remembrances, but many others did. Here is what a few people were saying afterwards:

The American Spectator: “Biden also leveled this preposterous charge at his predecessor during his Thursday morning remarks, saying the former president had ‘rallied the mob to attack.’ In reality, Trump explicitly told his supporters at his Jan. 6 rally to ‘peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.’ These are not the words of a man attempting to incite a riot or overthrow the government.”

American Thinker: “His claims about democracy being attacked and the will of the people being under assault and the Constitution being under attack were garbage, too. We all know he doesn’t care about democracy. This is the vax mandate president, he’s the thug who tells you what to do with your own body or no school and airline flights for you.”


There is no shortage of other outlets making similar observations. In a post of my own from the day after, I also remarked that if any insurrection against America, its government, and its ideals, then it is clearly coming from the orbit of Joe Biden et al. I said this:

“The biggest J6 narrative that Democrats practice onanism over is the idea that our governing system of democratic origin and presumably the guiding principles for it found in the Constitution are worth valuing and were under attack. Brandon’s speech made sure to mention this, and included the phrase that Trump unleashed a “dagger at the throat of democracy.’”

Given everything the left does to undermine each Constitutional right to speech (and by extension, thoughts), assembly, guns, due process, health decisions, property, and liberty as a whole, it resounds pretty emptily that Trump was or is a threat to democracy. The only threat to democratic principles is from the left. Full stop. It’s simply astounding that people can still believe this.

#5: What happened in D.C. that day was more than just an ill-advised effort by overzealous protesters and an epic failure in basic security.

PF: Since the very beginning, and in fact from the reporting as it happened, the coverage of the incident by the mainstream media has totally missed the point. I remember thinking that day as reports trickled in: How is this happening at our Capitol?

They’ve called it an ‘armed insurrection,’ and ‘an attack,’ assertions which are absurd on their face. There were no shots fired by any of the protesters, and only a handful were armed with any weapons. The protesters should not have entered the building, and those who did so illegally should be prosecuted – though there is strong evidence suggesting that many of those who did were either encouraged to do so or enabled by leftwing operatives. But the real scandal is the fact that they were able to get into the building in the first place.

We’ve seen the footage of Capitol Police officers just stepping aside and allowing the protesters into the building, the question is, why? There’s no legitimate reason for such a security breach. It’s unthinkable that a similar breach would ever happen at the White House, and if it did there would be outrage from the left; and rightfully so. Therefore, why is there such a lack of attention on the failures of the Capitol Police, and more importantly, those who control them?

It’s hard to imagine that the failed security on 1/6 wasn’t at least somewhat intentional. The ease with which the protesters entered, and the ensuing narrative that ignored those failures, makes it fairly obvious: Certain people in power wanted 1/6 to happen for political purposes, and in fact helped facilitate the security failure.

And let’s just imagine, for a second, if the situation was reversed. If Antifa protesters had done the same thing if Trump had won in November 2020. The story would have been a footnote on the evening news and featured on page 10 of the New York Times the following day – with lots of shoulder shrugs.

#4: It’s a day on par with the Pearl Harbor Attack and September 11th.

Parker: This line has been used since the initial weaponized reporting was used to incite hatred against conservatives and seek to expel Trump from political office. On the one-year anniversary, Kamala Harris made sure to make it her capstone remark. She actually said this:

“Certain dates echo throughout history…Including dates that instantly remind all who have lived them where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault. Dates that occupy not only a place on our calendar but a place in our collective memory. Dec. 7, 1941, Sept. 11, 2001, and Jan. 6, 2021.”

I need to stop writing and collect myself. She actually said. What’s next, a June 4th speech to solemnly condone the insurrection at Tiananmen Square? These people, and anyone who supports them, live on the wrong side of morality and history.

The lie is emotionally powerful since we all resonate with those dates, thanks to our government-school indoctrination from ages 5-18. A stronger argument can be made that our swamp allowed both to happen by ignoring intelligence reports and being hopeful of some national tragedy, as both provided powerful impetuses to engage in extensive war, thus enriching the military industrial complex and eroding personal freedoms. The sacrifices and lost lives of the individuals on those days, the shipmen in the harbor or the helpless souls stuck in the towers – that is very real. What is disingenuous is the U.S. government’s response and faux compassion. The same can be said of the events on January 6th in this regard.

Make no mistake, the lives lost were very real and leave empty holes in the surviving kin, but the likes of Harris and Biden do not lose a millisecond of sleep over the loss of an Ashli Babbitt or Brian Sicknick. They only lie in bed thinking how they can politicize their deaths for personal and party gain.

Anyone – and I mean anyone – who thinks that what happened on January 6th is on par with actual attacks like 12/7 or 9/11 should be prevented from parenting and voting immediately. This is mental, philosophical, and moral derangement. It is precisely why we find ourselves in this death spiral as a country. Can you imagine another generation growing up in this fetid cultural stew?

#3: The security breach at the Capitol Building represented a serious threat to our very democracy.

PF: We’ve seen some serious threats to our democracy over the years, so we know what they look like. The Civil War was the most severe, obviously, and the survival of the union was in question for four years. Pearl Harbor was another such event, though not as threatening as the Civil War, and the same can be said of September 11, 2001. And let’s not forget that British troops actually entered the White House during the War of 1812 and set it on fire, making a mess of Dolly Madison’s tidy homemaking. Those were examples of true threats to our democracy. A few hundred fired-up Trump supporters with flags, signs, silly hats, and smart phones doesn’t come close.

If anything, what happened at the Capitol Building last January serves as an example of the durability of our Democracy. The premises were secured within a few hours. No lawmakers were injured or even seriously threatened. And Vice-President Mike Pence, who was on the losing side of the outcome, cast his vote to certify the election. That is not how a serious threat to our democratic institution unfolds, that is the process working as intended.

It’s clear what is really at play with the left’s storyline here: “Our Republic was hanging by a thread.” Democrats and their MSM cronies need their opponents to appear as villains and depicting them as bloodthirsty boogiemen serves that purpose. Joe Biden is a disaster, Democrats in Congress are collapsing under their own ineptitude, and the left’s political and cultural stances are becoming increasingly unpopular. They can’t run on their own record, and they can’t allow their supporters to recognize the reality of their own breakdowns. So, they need a distraction. They’re saying to America, “Don’t look at how incompetent we are, look at those mean old conservatives; the Republicans. And look at that horrible thing they did… a year ago.” Because that’s all they have left to run on.

#2: The political right – as opposed to the political left – is a veritable threat to American traditions and governance.

Parker: As you mention, anyone with a functioning brain stem could tell that whatever happened on January 6th, it wasn’t going to undermine the system of governance that, for better or worse, operates in the United States. Just exactly how do the shrieking nabobs think so-called insurrectionists planned both an overthrow of the federal apparatus and contingency for establishing an alternative government? For an insurrection to take place, you need both – an overthrow of the old and a replacement with the new. Without a plan, without weapons, and without anyone already in the system to facilitate these processes, this insurrection was going to be about as successful as a kid that runs away from home with a tent in the backyard. It was all for show.


Neither the media nor the pols that harp on this outrageous idea ever explore some deeper questions. Instead, they fire cheap shots that land easily on the low-functioning American populace: “America must have been under attack because Nancy Pelos said so! AOC almost died and she’s credible! Don Lemon was crying!” I find myself thinking it’d all be funny if it weren’t so serious quite often these days.

I have an interesting and simple thought experiment for conservatives to test on their idiot friends and family that still buy into this. First, ask them what America means to them and what it stands for. You can ask them to elaborate what’s in the Constitution if you want it narrowed down. (They don’t have to agree with the Constitution, but since that document forms our government it makes sense that any attack on our system would be an attack on the words ratified in 1791.)

Next, ask them if censoring opposing ideas is unhealthy for democracy. Ask them if compelling speech accords with our vision of freedom. Ask them if deleting entire amendments is a slippery slope. Ask them if suspending basic liberties is ever justified. Ask them if putting citizens in jail indefinitely, in awful conditions, without knowing why or having charges brought against them could be seen as housing political prisoners.

Then, ask them how the political right does that. They will stumble, or you can easily swat their tepid attempts, and then you can delineate exactly how the left attacks each of these concepts with glee.

Finally, ask them how Donald Trump threatened any of this in the same way. Words aren’t enough; what actions did he deploy while in office?

It likely won’t do anything good, but at least you can confirm you’re dealing with a leftist Borg who has been entirely assimilated at this point. No further conversations required.

#1: The actions by the protesters were indicative that all conservatives and Republican leaders share culpability.

PF: This is perhaps the biggest lie of all and is at the heart of the left’s strategy regarding 1/6. Democrats and their accomplices would have us believe that through guilt by association, not only are Donald Trump the Capitol trespassers insurrectionists, everyone who voted for and supports Trump are equally guilty. This has been the left’s strategy for several years now, dating back to at least Hillary Clinton and her comment about “deplorables.“ Their approach is to not just disagree with our side, but to demonize it. And that mindset comes through loud and clear with their rhetoric on 1/6.

Let’s forget about citing the reasons on why the “guilt by association” narrative is so ridiculous, that fact seems obvious at this point. Instead, we should recognize the political malpractice it represents. Their assertion that all of us who voted for Trump are complicit in an insurrection isn’t just a lie, it’s a missed opportunity, and one which may seal the Democrats’ fate in the coming elections.

Joe Biden ran on a promise of “unity and healing” last year, and millions of Americans – naïve Americans – believed him. But even those who didn’t believe Biden agree with the sentiment that America should be more unified. It was clearly just a ploy by Biden, and he never had any intention on helping the country heal or come back together. Biden is one of the most divisive presidents in history, and worse than even Barack Obama. If Biden were to tone down the hysteria on 1/6, stop demonizing the right, and say something like, “it’s time to put that behind us,” he could really make some headway with voters, particularly independents and moderates.

But Joe Biden isn’t going to do that because Joe Biden is a coward. Biden is terrified of taking a stance opposing his radical left base, and therein lies Biden’s problem. The far-left faction of the Democratic Party is so invested in portraying Donald Trump as the Antichrist and his supporters as evil minions, that they can’t allow Biden to be reasonable on the topic of 1/6. They must stay with their narrative and continue to try and divide the country because to do otherwise would result in them being exposed for what they are: dishonest, anti-American opportunists.

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