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The media arm of the DNC is doing the dirty work for the Obama administration and the corrupt intel that spied on the Trump campaign and President Trump.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Phil Mudd worked hard to move the goalpost this morning to make it no big deal that “investigations” were going on into the Trump campaign. They play this corruption off as if it happens all the time.

Watch Camerota’s expression during Mudd’s comments. She’s trying her best to act like she’s getting to the bottom of something. It’s pathetic.

Spot On caught the video and tweeted:

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Watch Alisyn Camerota and Phil Mudd Trying to justify the NYT article that is just them “investigating” not spying.

The video above should be EXHIBIT 1 in showing how the media works with the Democrats.

The New York Times tried to get out in front of the Inspector General’s report by publishing an article about the spying on the Trump campaign. This morning, the lackeys at CNN took the ball and ran with it to spin, spin, spin this corruption and spying like it’s no big deal.


Kim Strassel says it best when she says that fear is driving the Democrats to extremes. They’re fearful that their corruption will be exposed by straight shooter AG Barr who is investigating the corruption by Democrats and the media.

“The jig is up!” – Senator Chuck Grassley


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