During the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson addressed the crowd on what it means to be an American. Speaking with the passion of his pride and convictions, he reminded the crowd of our brave and tough heritage, setting the record straight on our past, and encouraging patriotic Americans to live up to the sacrifices of past generations.

We don’t descend from “weak, jelly backed, spineless people.”

Mr. Robinson told the crowd that it doesn’t matter where your ancestors came from, nor does skin color or financial status. What matters is that we’re all Americans. He went on to remind the crowd of America’s brave past and the sacrifices made so we can live in freedom and prosperity.

“At Bunker Hill that was Americans. And at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg
that was Americans. And at Iwo Jima, raising that flag on Suribachi, it
was Americans. And at Pork Chop Hill, that was Americans. Khe Sanh, that
was Americans. And on 9/11 there was America who ran towards those burning
he continued.

“That is who you share your heritage with. You do not share your heritage
with a weak and ineffective people who cower at the sign of trouble!”

Lt. Governor Robinson told the crowd that we must remember who we are and refuse to back down as others try to bring us down. And that Americans need to fight as hard as past generations, to preserve our country for future generations

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