Hispanic-American voters reveal the reasons why they are ditching the Democrats and voting Republican in record numbers

Democrats have enjoyed the Hispanic vote for decades, but no more. Hispanic-Americans, especially first and second-generation immigrants, have been ditching the Democratic Party in droves. This is evident by the typically intensely blue, deeply Hispanic South Texas district electing Latina Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores as the first Republican candidate to win said district in over a century. But that’s not the only evidence we have.

A man holds a “Latinos for Trump” sign at a rally (AP)

Hispanic voters, when polled as a bloc, show one of the lowest approval ratings for Joe Biden and rank inflation as a greater issue than any other ethnic group in America–with 87% of Hispanic and Latino voters ranking inflation as “very important” as opposed to only 75% of white Americans.

During the 2018 midterms, Democrats held a 47-point advantage over Republicans with Hispanic and Latino voters. Today, polling indicates that the two Parties are “statistically tied” with that voting bloc, but as Biden blunders, they will move further towards Republicanism.

In interviews with Hispanic voters, conducted by Fox News, we learn the reasons why many are ditching Democrats.

“The Democrats really lost working-class people,” Chris Formoso, a first-generation Cuban, and father of four, told Fox News. “These people have absolutely lost their minds. There is no way we could vote for them, especially when Republicans have been more focused on the issues that matter.”

Additionally, Puerto Rican man Hector Olmo, a retired New Jersey police officer, claims that Democrats use inflammatory rhetoric and “handouts” to appeal to minority voters while also keeping them from achieving “success.”

Maria Lorenzo, another first-generation Cuban immigrant who came to the US over 50 years ago, said that the Democrats and the left have been embracing communism.

“I can’t talk about all the Hispanics, but most of the ones I know, they are fed up with the Democratic Party,” said Lorenzo.

“People here have a lot of misconceptions. They studied communism in school, but I lived it,” Lorenzo continued.

“Most of the Hispanics, especially the ones that came from Cuba and Venezuela, they came running from communism. And they see that this country, the Democratic Party, is leaning towards that- toward socialism, towards division.”

The concerns held by Hispanic Americans are the same ones held by most other American Conservatives and Patriots. That the Democrats have become a radical left party of inflation, socialism, division, and useless issues.

Clearly, it is not a winning strategy for them as their key voting blocs slip further away.

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