The last accuser who could have been the nail in the coffin for Bill O’Reilly spoke on The View about her sexual harassment lawsuit. Perquita Burgess and her lawyer were on The View for their 15 minutes of fame. Attorney Lisa Bloom should know better than to send her client on to speak out about her allegations. Lisa Bloom has a track record as a high profile lawyer for cases like this…She should know better but it could be that she’s trying to gain sympathy for her client.

Please listen to the video and let us know what you think about what she said and about sexual harassment in the workplace:

O’Reilly settled with other women over sexual harassment but how do we know if any of them has any credibility? How does a man protect himself from such charges?

If this could be brought up on charges, then every high profile man out there needs a witness when he walks around anywhere.

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Are the comments (if true) that this woman said Bill O’Reilly made considered sexual harassment to you? What exactly is sexual harassment? If it’s how you feel then men are in big trouble because of all of the “offended” women out there. Should the definition be broader or should it be more narrowly defined. We feel with our litigious society, the cases for sexual harassment should be very closely scrutinized.


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