Things got ugly on The View this morning when the topic of President Trump’s massive Orlando rally was discussed between America’s angriest women.

Meghan McCain, who is no fan of President Trump started out the segment by saying that she watched the Trump rally at the Amway Arena in Orlando, FL. McCain remarked that the arena was packed last night for Trump’s massive rally. McCain’s far-left co-host Joy Behar claimed the event wasn’t packed and that people “were bussed in” for the rally. McCain brushed her off, letting her know that her comments were ridiculous.

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McCain also expressed her frustration over Senator Lindsey Graham’s attendance at the rally. Graham, who is a former RINO and bestie of her deceased father John McCain, is a close family friend of the McCains. Meghan McCain also expressed her disappointment over Senator Rubio’s appearance at the event. McCain reminded everyone that the reason they were at Trump’s rally is that they had to show up to “kiss the ring” of Trump.

McCain explained that there is a lot of enthusiasm for Trump and that the people who support him don’t necessarily love him, but that they just hate the same things Trump hates. Joy Behar interrupted, saying, “Who black people?” A visibly frustrated McCain admonished Behar for yelling at her, glossing over the fact that Behar just claimed every Trump supporter hates black people.

Whoopi Goldberg quickly interrupted the heated argument between McCain and Behar, telling them to “take a breather,” but McCain wasn’t finished, as she told Goldberg, “I’m being the sacrificial Republican!” Joy Behar mocked McCain, saying she felt bad for her, adding “don’t feel bad for me bitch, I’m paid to do this!”

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McCain realized she crossed the line, as she tried to cover he tracks, saying, “Oh Joy and I call each other bitches all the time.”


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