The discussion on ‘The View’ got heated today when the women discussed the exit of Kirstjen Nielsen and the issue of immigration and border control. The full video of the segment on immigration is below the short clip of the moment between McCain and Behar. The lack of intelligence about what’s happening at our border is stunning. These women parrot talking points from the left like nobody’s business.

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got into it today on ‘The View’ with McCain saying:

‘Part of your job is to listen to me!’

There is a chill in the air after McCain makes her comment and then Joy plays the victim. It’s a rare moment when Behar has no comeback.

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The comments and discussion below about immigration shows just how ignorant some people are on what’s going on at the border. The propaganda in this one discussion is disturbing because people in the audience are clapping. They have no clue about what’s REALLY going on at our border.  Our media is partly to blame because they have chosen NOT to go down to the border to film the truth. The nightly news doesn’t carry anything but coverage sympathetic to the illegals.

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Please see the truth below this video and see that the American taxpayers are being bamboozled by the illegals who claim asylum but by saying they have a “credible fear” of their country. The TRUTH is that America is known for our generous freebies. Economic migrants should not qualify for asylum! These people are economic migrants!

If these women are for open borders then they should just take the front door of their house off and invite people in. Would they do that?


“We didn’t see this in the past, now we have men of the household traveling with a child, sometimes it is their child, but sometimes it isn’t,” said Agent Carmen Qualia, Acting Executive Officer for the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

Our immigration policy is incentivizing trafficking of small children.  According to the border patrol, single-family units crossing have increased by 200% (see our previous report below). That tells immigration experts that something isn’t right.

This is one of the loopholes that Congress needs to close but Democrats are more interested in keeping the flow of illegals coming. Listen below as the huge problem with  “fake families” is described by a border patrol agent and Cindy who is a brave woman filming at the border:

The video of the man confronting the woman who is coaching the illegals on how to get into the US. This is stunning.

While they claim to be for the children, they ignore the abuse these young children experience when they are passed back and forth to different men trying to bring them in to get a meal ticket to America:

I don’t care what party you are, time to clean this up.

Look at this child!

This is what we invite when we encourage illegals to cross our borders.

You think this is her father! It’s not. She is his meal ticket across the border.

Stop ALL immigration until we have sensible laws.

According to Jen at the Border, the man in the video holding the young girl’s arm is from Guatemala.

This will end when Congress gets serious about changing the immigration policy that’s allowing the abuse of small children.

Jen at the Border took this video of mostly young men with a child:

This is ridiculous and only invites child abuse!

If you’re on Twitter, please follow Jen at the Border and Cindy Sees Truth. They are unafraid to bring you the videos from the border that our media won’t.


There are just a few reporters down at the border who bring us up close video of what’s going on there. One local news reporter has done an incredible job of bringing us shocking video of the crisis. Sydney Hernandez is a gem of a reporter who just visited a processing center to report back to America:

McAllen, Texas Central Processing Center is one of many processing. centers that takes illegals after they’ve been apprehended by Border Patrol agents. This is a stopping off point for 72 hours so they can be ‘processed.’


Local reporter Sydney Hernandez of Valley Central was given a tour of the Central Processing Center, CPC,  where there are 2,400 illegals being held. They are at “capacity” according to Hernandez who has been bravely reporting from the border providing coverage that our mainstream media doesn’t.


The Border Patrol told Hernandez that said they are seeing an over 200% increase in family units.

There is evidence that innocent children are being used as pawns to cross the border. Because a family unit has a better chance of avoiding detention, children are being used by men to get through:

They request asylum at the border, and they know that they are unlikely to remain detained if they travel with a child. They also have a better shot at fending off deportation when they come with a child.

Our current law states that the government can only keep family units in the processing center for 72 hours. They are either transferred to a detention facility suitable for children or they are released. Because of the overflow, THOUSANDS OF DETAINED ILLEGALS ARE BEING RELEASED TO GO FREE EACH WEEK!

“We didn’t see this in the past, now we have men of the household traveling with a child, sometimes it is their child, but sometimes it isn’t,” said Agent Carmen Qualia, Acting Executive Officer for the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

At the CPC, illegals are fingerprinted, screened for disease, interviewed for criminal history, along with being fed and clothed.

They are inside large fenced locations within the CPC, to be able to see every aspect inside the processing center.

Family units were divided into two sections, mothers with children and fathers with children, some of these children are infants.

While many sleep, others await their interviews with the consulates from their country of origin.

For the country of Guatemala, there was a long line of about 25 men awaiting their turn to speak with a Guatemalan official.

Agents add they also see an increase in fraudulent documents.

During their time inside the processing center, which by policy should only by 72 hours, they are fed three meals a day, unlimited snacks and juice.

There are 36 showers available as well as restrooms.

Medical staff is on site 24-7 to ensure there is always a way to get medical attention if they need it.

The entire facility is monitored by cameras and the 120 Border Patrol agents.


While Democrats continue to push for open borders, they ignore the cost to the American taxpayer. At this one processing center alone, they need double the money this year. Multiply that by all of the other processing centers, and it’s a huge price tag for the illegal alien processing.

The budget for the processing center is $12.5 million, but Agent Qualia said they have already reached that point and have asked for another $12.5 million to continue running it.

For the last 12 days, agents in the RGV have apprehended more than 1,000 people every day.

Tuesday alone, 1,2501 were apprehended.

A National Crisis!


Oscar El Blue is a Mexican journalist who’s reporting the truth about what’s happening on the other side of our southern border,  In addition to outing attorney’s from the United States who are working in Mexico to coach immigrant on how to claim asylum in the United States, he also reveals the chaos Mexican authorities are facing in the southern border state of Chiapas, Mexico.

In the video below, activists at the immigration processing center in Chiapas, Mexico can be seen hanging a pinata of President Trump with Mexico’s president and two members of his cabinet underneath. The pinata is filled with explosive devices inside the pinata. As the explosive devices go off, the pinata catches on fire and falls to the ground. Immigrants, including adults and young children, can be heard cheering as the pinata burns. Keep in mind, the people who are cheering, are the same people who are making their way to our southern border, hoping to gain entry into our country.

From Oscar Blue Ramirez:  The pinata also has the president of Mexico, Andres Lopez Obrador and two of his cabinet, Olga Sanchez Cordero and Carmen Yadira de Los Santos.

Part I:

Part II:

In the video below, at around the 12:00-minute mark, Oscar Blue Ramirez explains how the leftist activists are encouraging young kids to cheer, as they burn President Trump pinata.

The hatred for President Trump that hard left activists are instilling in the massive caravans of immigrants headed toward the United States is stunning. Why would anyone expect these immigrants are going to come to the United States and respect our laws or want to assimilate with our culture?

What’s equally stunning is how far away the people are traveling to join the massive caravans of immigrants headed to our US border.

On March 12, Mexico News Daily reported about the non-Mexicans and Central Americans waiting to make the trek through Mexico to the United States – Central Americans are not the only migrants entering Mexico at the southern border: more than 500 Africans, Asians, and Haitians have also arrived recently in Chiapas.

Migrants from the Congo, Cameroon, Angola, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Haiti crossed into Mexico from Guatemala in the final days of February and the first week of March, according to a report in the newspaper El Universal.

The migrants voluntarily reported their entry to immigration authorities and requested transit visas that will allow them to legally continue their journey to the United States’ southern border, where they plan to seek asylum.

As they wait for their visas to be processed, most migrants are staying at a National Immigration Institute (INM) facility in Tapachula, where some of them claim they have been discriminated against because of the color of their skin.


Are we facing a crisis on our border? Should President Trump shut down our southern border until we get this situation under control? We’d love to see what you think in the comment section below.

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