As Hurricane Ian tore through Florida, liberal media took the opportunity to target Governor Ron DeSantis for his views on climate change.

Joy Behar, a co-host on “The View,” tore into DeSantis as the hurricane was approaching Florida. She angrily read a quote from DeSantis about his stance on climate change in which he said, “I am not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists.”

“This is what he thinks about climate change,” Behar ranted. “And now his state is getting with one of the worst hurricanes that they have ever seen.”

Somehow, Behar believes that by DeSantis not endorsing the climate change agenda, his state is now experiencing some type of karma. She speaks of DeSantis’ views in angry disbelief as if he has caused the hurricane because he doesn’t subscribe to the climate change narrative.

Virginia State Delegate Nick Freitas said it best with his “Woke Guide to explaining the Weather,” which he posted on Twitter:

Hurricanes = Climate change

No Hurricanes = Also Climate change

Flooding = Global Warming

Drought = Back to Climate change

Tornadoes= Income Inequality

Snow = Racism (for obvious reasons)

Hail = Also Racism

CNN reporters also tore into DeSantis. Steve Contorno ridiculously attacked DeSantis for encouraging Floridians to follow the advice of local leaders regarding hurricane preparation and evacuation, while he has disagreed with them regarding other policies.

Contorno tweeted,

“As DeSantis prepares Floridians for Ian, he is urging residents to heed advice from the same local leaders he suggested they ignore during COVID and praising a federal agency he previously alleged withheld aid to the state [because] Biden was playing politics.”

Reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere chimed in, saying, “Hurricanes & politics tend to run into each other in Florida, but this time it’s with a governor who has put himself at odds with many local government officials and who has been looking for fights with a president he may end up running against… 6 weeks before Election Day.”

Somehow, it is unbelievable to the liberal media that DeSantis could disagree with leaders on COVID policies, yet agree with them on hurricane evacuation policies. These two CNN reporters fail to see that these situations are completely separate from one another.

Many Twitter users hit back at these CNN reporters, questioning why they feel the need to stir up nonexistent political drama and advance a political narrative while so many people in Florida are struggling in the aftermath of the hurricane.

DeSantis’ Director of Rapid Response, Christina Pushaw, responded to Dovere’s tweet, criticizing him for taking a majorly devastating hurricane and twisting it into a nonsensical political attack.


“Not everything is about politics. If you see a Cat 4+ hurricane approaching the coast of the United States and your first instinct is baseless partisan speculation, perhaps you should stop calling yourself a journalist.”

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