“Facebook is leaving up all the lies, the postal service is being interfered with…so there’s a lot of cheating,” crazed Joy Behar said Tuesday morning.

The gaggle of The View hags took to the panel on Tuesday morning expressing their panic over Sleepy Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers. In spewing their political nonsense, the women ripped the electoral college claiming that their future could be determined by a small handful of states. Behar said, “so why bothering voting in the rest of the country…they need to change the electoral college as soon as possible.” All the far-left women nodded in agreement.

Whoopi Goldberg sat on her throne proclaiming the social injustice and radical inequality of the United States. Even going so far to blame the unrest on police, federal law enforcement, and not surprisingly, President Trump.

The women transitioned their hate in questioning the President’s ‘Law and Order’ message which has remarkably stuck with American voters. The American people are seeing through the hypocrisy and lies of Democrat-led states and cities – as these once-great towns crumble and go up in flames before their citizens’ eyes.


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Further, Joy Behar took the opportunity to place blame on Russia for election interference…isn’t it a little early for that, Joy? These radical women are beyond brainwashed with Democrat-filled lies and an agenda pushed by their corporate financiers.

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How are will the far-left, liberal media go to undermine President Trump and Vice President Pence’s astonishing accomplishments for the United States and the American people?

Former Trump Administration Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refuted the far-left View panel’s utterly disgraceful commentary saying she witnessed first hand the President’s respect and admiration for the men and women the in armed services.

She continued, “it didn’t happen” in regard to the ‘Atlantic’ article alleging President Trump made offensive comments about the military:

The hags also touted the FAIL Democratic National Convention and Sleepy Joe Biden’s remarkable teleprompter-read speech while offering no insight or commentary on the historic Republican National Convention from the White House.

The producers of The View even decided it was a great idea to throw a clip of Rev. Al Sharpton into the discussion further supporting the false, far-left narrative of “mostly peaceful protests” taking place in major US cities.

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