Whoopi Goldberg is back on The View and she, along with her co-hosts, wasted no time finding something about the Super Bowl to complain about.

Although the entire event was dominated by Black celebrities, — singer Mickey Guyton did the national anthem, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson kicked off the Super Bowl game,  and the halftime show was comprised of four Black artists — the women on The View still complained about the racial inequality faced in the NFL.

“As celebratory as it was… I think it’s important not to let the NFL off the hook, and not to lose the focus of the conversation about racial equity,” said host Ana Navarro. “You gotta hire some coaches.”

The View host Ana Navarro

Navarro was referring to the former Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores, and his current lawsuit against the league which alleges that racial discrimination played a part in his interview process with both the Denver Broncos and New York Giants, and contributed to him being fired by Miami last month.


About 70% of the NFL’s players are black, and the players all wear social justice messages on the back of their helmets that say  “End Racism”, “Black Lives Matter”, “It Takes All of Us”, “Stop Hate”, “Inspire Change”, and “Say Their Stories”. End zones also have messages stenciled onto them, reading “End Racism” and “It Takes All of Us”.

‘Black Lives Matter’ NFL helmet decal

Despite being perhaps the most vocal sports league in terms of social justice and BLM, there is intense scrutiny being placed on the organization for only having one Black NFL head coach and no Black ownership.

To further Navarro’s point, Sunny Hostin jumped in to complain that “Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job.”

The View host Sunny Hostin

“I’m still very, very disappointed that the NFL hasn’t been able to do better,” added Hostin. “I mean, they’re allowing people to kneel, but they’re not really doing the work in terms of racial equity. They’re just not.”

Watch the full segment below:


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