You won’t see this story in the mainstream media. It doesn’t fit Obama’s race war narrative, but this is real life. This is what good cops do when no one is looking. Officer Casserly wasn’t looking for a photo-op, he was just looking to help a young man in the community where he works to keep the residents safe.

NJ cop with teen


 Lashambi B. Moore – photo credit

As he enters retirement, a Jersey City police officer is receiving a lot of positive attention on Facebook for a picture of him helping a young man on the street a few weeks ago.

On Thursday, Lashambi B. Moore shared a photo of Officer Charlie Casserly on Martin Luther King Drive with a local teen, wearing khakis a button-down shirt and sweater vest. The teen did not know how to tie his tie and asked Casserly for help.

“Charlie pulled the patrol car over, got out and spent nearly a half an hour teaching the young man how to tie a tie,” Moore wrote on Facebook.

The photo was taken on July 9, just before 10 a.m.

Moore told The Jersey Journal she took the picture because it was something good that she thought others would want to see.

“I only posted it to make others feel good because it made me feel good,” Moore said.

Moore said Casserly first demonstrated how to tie the tie on himself. The young man tried for himself, and Casserly then fixed it to look proper.

Since the post surfaced, Facebook users have been chiming in to thank Casserly for being a dedicated officer on the force and congratulated him on his retirement.

“Outstanding. More of this please,” Fletcher Gensamer wrote on the post. “Thank you Officer Charlie for your service.”

Carmine Disbrow, president of the Jersey City Police Officers’ Benevolent Association, said Casserly’s actions are representative of the department.

“This picture represents 40 years of Charlie Casserly not just of being a law enforcement officer, but also of being a role model, a leader, and a mentor,” Disbrow said. “It also is an accurate depiction of why Officer Casserly, and so many other men and women, choose to wear the badge, and their efforts to make the communities they serve better and stronger.”

Commenters who know Casserly wrote that he is a great man and are not surprised of his kindness.

“I’m not surprised. Casserly is one of the nicest guys on the force,” Juan Lopez commented. “There are plenty more like him. Well done!”

Some even sent well wishes to the young man in the photo.

“Thank you for posting this. Jersey City has many very fine officers,” Laurie Lukaszyk wrote. “Bless Officer Casserly in his retirement and bless the young man for asking the right person to help him. I wish that young man much success.”

Casserly declined to comment on the picture that is quickly going viral.

“This unknown young man and I are grateful for his service to the community,” Moore wrote in the post.

Moore said Casserly, who patrolled the South District, had been working as a Jersey City police officer for 36 years and his last day on the force was Thursday.

“That was the epitome of community policing,” Moore told The Jersey Journal. “He’s interacting with the community. This is the right way to do it.”



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