The vote has been tallied, and a winner has been declared in Arizona’s Gubernatorial Primary for the Republican Party

Kari Lake, a staunch conservative and fierce ally of President Trump, has been declared the victor in the GOP’s Arizona Gubernatorial Primary election.

President Trump embracing his pick and the winner of the Arizona Gubernatorial primary Kari Lake

Thursday night, two days after the primary election was held, Arizona finally declared a winner for the statewide primary. Lake won every single county in Arizona, including Maricopa County which had dragged its feet in declaring her the victor, and finished with 46.8% of the total vote among Republicans.

She is a rising Republican star with an excellent record and a platform of election integrity and immigration, which exemplifies her America First attitude. In November, she has a good chance of defeating the Democrats’ nominee, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Lake defeated the self-funded Karrin Taylor Robson, who is married to one of Arizona’s wealthiest men, by roughly 3 points. Robson was decried as a RINO by Lake and had the support of the more establishment wing of the Republican Party, and was endorsed and campaigned for by the likes of Chris Christie and Mike Pence. However, Robson did not have the MAGA energy which Lake did and lost due to that.

Now, Lake is focused on the task of uniting the Arizona GOP behind her and has reached out to Robson for that purpose.

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“Frankly, this party needs her to come together, and I welcome her,” Lake said regarding Robson. “And I hope that she will come over for this.”

The Hobbs campaign, which she will face in November, is already slinging mud against Lake but the latter’s record exemplifies everything vital in the America First and the conservative movement.

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Lake is pro-life, strong on immigration, pro-gun rights, and pro-election integrity. For the Arizona Republican voters, the choice come November could not be clearer.

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