During Trump’s time in office, the media fact-checked every word he said. One of the more prominent fact-checking sources for leftists was the Washington Post. Wouldn’t you know, just a few days before Biden’s speech to Congress, the Washington Post stopped using their fact-checking database.  How convenient!

Fast forward to Biden’s speech, and it’s full of lies, distortions, and propaganda. No, Joe Biden didn’t write the speech but delivered it like a cross between a Mafia don and a used car salesman. He went from whispering to yelling at the few who watched.

Biden began his speech by taking full credit for President Trump’s work during Operation Warp Speed. Not one mention of the previous administration’s hard work. Aren’t we supposed to be unifying and mending fences?

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The list is long on what Biden lied about. We could start with guns and gun ownership. He’s clueless on the issue, and it shows. The bottom line is Biden wants to gut the Second Amendment.

Another big lie is that Biden’s tax plan to stick it to the “rich” will hurt the middle class and shrink the economy. Does Biden think that if he taxes businesses and the wealthy more, we will see more growth in the job force or economy? Middle-class business owners  will suffer again under Obama’s third term of pushing the “shared sacrifice” lie:

Joshua Jahani writes: It is unrealistic, some would say delusional, to think that the U.S. can increase taxes so significantly without costing the country in competitiveness and growth. Big businesses would still have access to global tax havens that charge little or no corporate tax (applied to company profits) and capital gains tax (applied to the growth in the value of investments when they are sold). That means these taxes would be likely to hurt only small and medium-sized businesses, as their larger competitors have the means to employ expensive tax lawyers and other techniques that secure their access to offshore loopholes.

Biden repeated a false claim he has made before by bragging that, “I spent a lot of time with Chinese President Xi…traveled over 17,000 miles with him.”

Biden tried to equate the climate change agenda to job creation when he just killed thousands of pipeline jobs. His pie in the sky agenda is a Trojan horse for socialism. He tried to dress it up to be a jobs agenda, but no one is buying it.

Ultimately, it’s not what Biden said but what he didn’t say that struck a chord:

He never spoke about the crisis he created on the southern border…not once. Biden also never mentioned his plan for court-packing the Supreme Court.

America feels like a rudderless boat in a storm right now because we are being pushed to accept this radical agenda. Where are the lily-livered Republicans in this fight for our Republic?

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