Leave it to Hillary to pander and get emotional about THIS …she’s promising to make LGBT rights a top priority if elected but there are soooo many other things to make a priority before gay rights. What exactly is the reason this should be a top priority and what rights are gays missing? This smells like election year pandering: “We need to say in one voice that transgender people are valued. They are loved. They are us.”…Huh? 

Hillary Clinton called on Congress to pass the Federal Equality Act and vowed to make LGBT rights a top priority as president in a speech Saturday to a prominent gay rights organization.

“I see the injustices and the dangers that you and your families still face and I’m running for president to end them once and for all,” Clinton said at a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) breakfast in Washington D.C.

The Democratic front-runner has had an evolving view on same-sex marriage and alluded to past stances in her remarks. “You’ve helped change a lot of minds, including mine, and I am personally very grateful for that,” she said, adding that there’s no one she’d rather share her initials with than HRC.

Clinton pledged to upgrade the service records of LGBT members of the military who were dishonorably discharged, and promised to fight for the rights of the transgender community facing a “growing crisis” of violence. She called the current law banning transgender people from serving in the military “outdated.”

“We need to say in one voice that transgender people are valued. They are loved. They are us,” Clinton told the crowd of 800 grassroots leaders.

Clinton supports the Federal Equality Act, which would update the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect LGBT people.

The former secretary of state also called out Republican candidates Ben Carson and Ted Cruz for their positions on marriage equality.

“Ted Cruz slammed a political opponent for marching in a pride parade,” Clinton said. “He clearly has no idea what he’s missing.”

Those parades are “so much fun,” she added.

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