Obama does it again…he put his potical agenda before the American people! He’s determined to fulfill his promise to close GITMO by releasing “the worst of the worst” of the terrorists currently jailed.

The Obama administration has quietly seeded the diplomatic bed for its next push to transfer detainees out of Guantánamo Bay, the Guardian has learned, as Barack Obama aims to reduce the prison’s population before leaving office.

According to US officials, the administration has deals in place to send approximately two dozen longtime Guantánamo detainees to about half a dozen countries.

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While it is unclear if the transfers will occur in one wave, as with the April transfer of nine detainees to Saudi Arabia, there is an expectation that the departure of 22 or 23 men will occur by the end of July. There are currently 80 men detained at Guantánamo, the lowest number since the US opened the wartime prison in 2002.

All the detainees for whom US diplomats have secured arrangements to leave Guantánamo have been officially approved for transfer, either by a 2010 internal review process or through quasi-parole hearings known as Periodic Review Boards.

The US holds 28 detainees approved for transfer, so the men’s departure would nearly empty Guantánamo of such designated detainees, substantially clearing a backlog that has lasted years.

Officials spoke to the Guardian on condition of anonymity, as not all of the foreign destination countries are ready to be identified. Furthermore, some of the transfer approvals have yet to receive certification by Ashton Carter, the defense secretary, as required by law, ahead of a notification to Congress.

The State Department’s envoy for closing Guantánamo, Lee Wolosky, pledged in January after a transfer of 10 detainees to Oman that the US would finish emptying Guantánamo of transfer-eligible detainees “by this summer”.

If the current deals go through, the US would be left with 57 or 58 Guantánamo detainees, the vast majority of whom are either involved in the military tribunals process or subject to insufficient untainted evidence to charge, while thought too dangerous to release.

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