“In 1998, I lost my reputation and my dignity. I lost everything and I almost lost my life…” -Monica Lewinsky, 2015

Here is Monica Lewinsky, now a 41 year old woman who is actually being paid to address audiences about how her affair with then President Bill Clinton destroyed her life. What price did Bill Clinton pay for destroying this young girl’s life? What price did Hillary pay for enabling his behavior (that bordered on pedophilia given the age difference between Bill and Monica)? This young girl was “slut shamed” by the entire world while Bill and Hillary, unconcerned with her well-being, huddled together to work out the details of how they would deceive the world with lies and save their political careers and ambitions. Hillary even went so far as to call Monica a “narcissistic looney tune.”

Does anyone really believe the audience at this event had any desire to hear what Monica Lewinsky had to say about the age of media, and how it affects people’s lives? They wanted to hear about what it was like to have an affair with the former President of the United States of America, who also happens to be a serial philanderer, and is still married to a woman who pretends to be a champion for other women. The Clinton machine made sure Monica Lewinsky didn’t receive any compassion from the media. She was made into a public joke, and humiliated by a rabid press who was looking for someone other than the Clinton’s to blame for the shame that Bill Clinton brought to the office of President of The United States.

The Clinton’s never gave a damn about this young girl…they only cared how about how they could spin it with the media, so as not to affect Hillary’s Presidential ambitions…

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