Governors and state lawmakers across America are preventing the racist CRT (Critical Race Theory) propaganda from being taught in schools in their states.

Biz News – A recent article in The Wall Street Journal noted that the political Left was much more interested in black suffering than in black accomplishment, including overcoming victimization by whites. The focus on black suffering in the US rather than black successes helped Democrats get elected.

In a nutshell, CRT stigmatizes all whites (including “woke” ones) as racist oppressors while equally stereotyping all blacks as helpless victims who need an immensely powerful state to “liberate” them. This is not merely a “theory.” It is a political project which relies on inculcating feelings of guilt so as to shame whites into silence while perpetuating a sense of victimhood among blacks. CRT is thus fundamentally at odds with the ideals of traditional liberalism – among them equality before the law, the presumption of innocence, and viewing people as individuals rather than as members of groups. CRT is indeed in and of itself a racist ideology.

In June, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed CRT, calling it a “lie.” Cruz called the teaching of CRT as racist as “the Klansman in white sheets.”

Fox News – The Texas Republican took the stage at the Faith and Freedom Foundation’s Road to the Majority conference where he took critical race theory head-on, recalling a reporter who he said tried to “gotcha” the senator about “what is critical race theory.”


“I explained to him and I said, ‘Well, it’s a theory that derives from Marxism. Carl Marx viewed the entire world as a conflict between classes, between the owners of capital and the working men and women, the proletariat,” Cruz said. “A fundamental battle in society.”

“Critical race theory takes that same Marxist concept except it replaces ‘class’ with ‘race,’” he continued. “And it says all of America and all of the world is a battle between the races.”

Cruz said that critical race theory “seeks to turn us against each other” and looks to stoke hatred among people if they have “different-colored skin.”

In October, AG Merrick Garland appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee where he was grilled about a directive from the DOJ that included a chilling warning to parents threatening repercussions for their pushback at school board meetings against the radicalization of their children and grandchildren, including the addition of CRT to their curriculum.

Six states (so far) have banned the hateful and divisive CRT from being taught to children in schools.

1. Texas Republican Governor Abbott’s Senate Bill 3 was passed last week, preventing schools from discussing that one race is “inherently superior.”

2. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) signed a similar law in June banning teachers from “instruction that presents any form of blame or judgment on the basis of race, ethnicity, or sex.” Schools that violate HB 2898 face a fine of up to $5,000.

3. In Oklahoma, the licenses of teachers who teach the racist CRT could be revoked. Parents also have the right to inspect lessons and file complaints.

4. In Tennessee, the state’s education commissioner can withhold funding from schools teaching concepts around race discrimination. The HB 580 legislation also outlines how students cannot be taught that Tennessee or the U.S. are “irredeemably racist or sexist.”

5. In South Carolina, the states new budget prohibits funds for public schools from being used to teach concepts linked to CRT. Rep. Ralph Norman (R) used the budget rule to prevent two universities from teaching CRT to students.

6. In Alabama, new legislation prevents schools, universities, state agencies and contractors from teaching CRT to students and staff.

Illinois father Ty Smith ripped into school administrators for pushing the racist CRT teaching in the district where his sons attend school. In his powerful speech, Smith told the administrators that CRT is “teaching kids how to hate each other—how to dislike each other.” Smith asked the board how he got two medical degrees “if I’m sitting here oppressed?”

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