The way Trump is packing in thousands of supporters at every rally in every state he visits, it’s pretty clear his popularity way overshadows that of #CrookedHillary. She’s barely getting enough people to fill a phone booth at her “rallies!”  This event, at the Baptist National Convention in Kansas City turned out to be downright embarrassing for Hillary and her campaign. In a venue meant to hold 5,000 people, Hillary only drew about 1,000.

Perhaps there just isn’t a huge amount of interest with Baptist church members in Kansas City when it comes to spending time listening to a sociological liar… 

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Check out the number of empty seats!

And finally, only 1,000 people filled a venue meant for 5,000. Who needs polls that are rigged by leftist media or polling firms with an agenda. From now on, we’re going to continue to use the number of supporters who actually take time out of their busy day to see the candidates as a true indicator of who’s leading in the race…

h/t Gateway Pundit

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