Many people around the world are using this viral video as an example of a beautiful exchange between a father and son in Paris following the terrorist tragedy. ‘Humanity in the face of inhumanity’ is how this exchange between a father, his young son and a reporter is being described.

The young boy is asked by a reporter, “Do you understand what happened? Do you understand what they (the terrorists) did?” The boy replies,”Yes, because they are very, very, very bad.” The father then explains, “There are bad people everywhere.” The boy then replies, “They have guns, they can shoot at us because they are very very bad, daddy.” It is then the father tells the son, “They have guns, but we have flowers.” The boy then says something that is undeniable (except of course, to a progressive), “But flowers do nothing,” to which the dad responds that the flowers are there to fight against the guns.

While the father is clearly making an effort to calm the fears of his toddler son, for us, it’s a perfect example of the delusional progressive European mindset. Progressives live in a make-believe world where tolerance is the only way to address an evil ideology that is intent on murdering innocent people who refuse to convert to Islam. This caliphate is spreading like wildfire across an un-armed Europe, and flowers are not going to stop them.

Less than one year ago, the entire world witnessed the blood bath that took place at the unarmed Charlie Hebdo headquarters in France. Make no mistake about it…unarmed citizens are sitting ducks for terrorists…period. Having a well armed citizenry is certainly not a guarantee that no one will ever be killed by terrorists or by some crazy mass murderer, but it sure could put a dent in their plans.

No, we haven’t missed the point of this video. We have small children and understand that you have to be careful about how you address these sensitive issues. Our point is, that telling your child “the bad guys have guns, but we have flowers” isn’t just something toddlers naively believe in France and the UK, it’s a commonly held belief progressives have had for quite some time now.

Perhaps it’s time for Europeans to revisit their radical gun-free laws. Most Americans understand the “bad guys” will always find a way to get the guns, and when all hell breaks loose, the good (unarmed) guys are always going to find themselves on the losing side. Maybe that’s why Barack Obama hasn’t been able to penetrate that pesky 2nd Amendment with his never-ending desire for gun-control, by attempting to convince Americans we should follow the European model.

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