The Oscars made a decision this week that will only serve to divide their already rapidly declining viewer base as they decided to implement stringent diversity and inclusion guidelines for films to be eligible for the ‘Best Picture’ award.

In just a six-year span, viewership at the Oscars has declined by nearly half, from 43 million viewers in 2014 to 23 million in 2020, and down to an abysmal 16.6 million viewers in 2022.

Now, directors and actors are revolting against the new diversity and inclusion standards set by the Oscars, which will require movies to submit a list of all minority actors to the nominating committee if they want to be considered.

One director who spoke to the Post said that “very few people in the industry favor” the new guidelines.

“Imagine if great films were not made because of studio or corporate mandates that every film has to conform to the standard for a Best Picture nomination?” the director added.


Iconic actor Richard Dreyfuss was asked about the new diversity and inclusion standards and did not hold back, saying they ‘made him vomit’.

“Because this is an art form, it’s also a form of commerce, and it makes money, but it’s an art. And no one should be telling me, as an artist, that I have to give in to the latest, most current idea of what morality is.” He further said.

FOX News Reports

The Academy Awards are facing much criticism after implementing new diversity and inclusion guidelines for 2024.

The guidelines must be adhered to by any film in the running for a “Best Picture” Oscar.

Several voting members sounded the alarm after the Academy Awards released its Aperture 2025 initiative — a sweeping set of regulations designed to make Hollywood more equitable and diverse.

“It’s completely ridiculous,” one director said during an interview with The Post.

“I’m for diversity, but to make you cast certain types of people if you want to get nominated? That makes the whole process contrived. The person who is right for the part should get the part. Why should you be limited in your choices? But it’s the world we’re in. This is crazy.”

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