The Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki just held another press conference where she gave a flip answer mocking Republicans. The problem is reporters are asking valid questions and getting non-answers day after day from Psaki.

Watch below as Pasaki is asked about the border:

Reporter: A little bit more on the vice president’s role. Republicans have, over the past few days, been quite critical of the vice president…

Psaki: I’ve seen that. They need more to do, I think.

This is outrageous because while Harris sits on her hands, it’s the Republicans who have been going to the border to see what is going on there. Harris and Biden have been completely MIA at the border. Remember that during his press conference last month, Biden said VP Harris would take over the border responsibilities? Republicans didn’t just make this announcement up, and there are plenty of sources confirming the announcement of Harris as the new border czar:

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NBCBiden tasks Harris with ‘stemming the migration’ on southern border…The vice president is expected to focus on both curbing the current flow of migrants and coordinating with countries in the region to address the root causes of migration.

There are numerous articles announcing Harris was taking over the border responsibilities:

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Since the announcement on March 24th, Harris has been dodging questions about the border and even saying she’s not in charge (see below). This is while over 20K illegal alien minors sit in detention centers in the U.S.

VP Harris broke her silence yesterday but still won’t go to the U.S./Mexico border:


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