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This video will make your blood boil. My heart bleeds for this veteran who bravely pulled over to confront these terrorist sympathizers. The veteran was simply asking them to turn the US flag right side up. The terrorist sympathizers refused to turn the flag over and were actually dragging the flag on the ground during the confrontation.

You will see a man in an orange jacket wearing a hat that says “Navy Seal.” After watching this video, you can decide for yourself, but we think he is an imposter. Notice that when asked if he is a veteran by the cameraman, the man in the orange jacket quickly realizes he is wearing a Navy Seal hat and removes it from his head. It’s hard to believe a Navy Seal veteran would be standing on the corner with these punks protesting the imprisonment of terrorists by our government.

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Watch and decide for yourself:

I wish I knew this Iraq veteran. I would love to shake his hand and “thank” him for his service in Iraq and for defending our flag at home…

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