In this video White people are asked how they feel about the “Black Lives Matter” sign. While they may not agree with its sentiment for whatever reason, they walk away and choose not to engage the sign holder, allowing him his right to freedom of speech. They may not agree, but they respect that he is within his rights to hold the sign or even to question them about it. When Blacks are confronted with an “All Lives Matter” sign, their reaction becomes violent. They attempt to threaten the white guy with the sign. One guy was even nice enough to warn him that holding a sign that says, “White Lives Matter” might cause people passing by to harm him.

This little social experiment tells us more than just how people feel about those words. It shows us how people on the Left are not only willing to openly shut down free speech in America, but they threaten you with violence if you don’t conform to their beliefs. This is a real problem today. Obama has silently condoned the use of physical violence to threaten someone who doesn’t agree with you. He has made it clear by his unwillingness to condemn the violence that you need to take whatever steps necessary to shut down the opposition to your cause, and that the end always justifies the means.


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