As time goes on it’s clear that Americans can’t trust anything to do with the Mueller investigation into President Trump and supposed Russian collusion. In fact, we even discovered a great list of things we trust more than the Mueller charade:
Thanks to Ruby Rockstar for this great list…Can you add to it? We’d love to make the list even longer…


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Mueller hired pro-Clinton lawyers for the investigation…that’s a red flag right there. He didn’t even try and hire a 50/50 mix of Republican or Democrat supporting lawyers.

We know that the investigation has been ongoing for over a year yet they’ve found NOTHING. Something tells us they’re grabbing for straws to nail anyone on something…anything.

This sham investigation has cost over $4 million but we have nothing to show for it.

With the release of more information on the FBI, DOJ effort to destroy Trump, it’s becoming clear that this was all a set-up from the beginning.


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