Senator Orrin Hatch slammed the IG Michael Horowitz’s report on the investigation of Hillary Clintons private server today during hearings in DC. He called the findings “appalling”:

Hatch addressed the report at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing during which both Horowitz and and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified. The Utah senator made clear to Wray that he is not satisfied with his response.

“This is appalling,” Hatch said, “and the significance of these findings cannot be overstated.”

“Director Wray, I have to say that I was disappointed by your response last week to the inspector general report,” Hatch said, blasting the FBI chief for going out of his way to emphasize that the report focused on a small number of FBI employees.

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“Well, let’s remember who that small number of employees was,” Hatch said.

WFB reports:

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The Utah Republican noted that included the director of the FBI, the deputy director, and leaders of the Clinton email and Russia investigations.

“So let’s not pretend like this was some one-off problem,” Hatch said. “There is a serious problem with the culture at FBI headquarters.”

Hatch mentioned a key finding from the report, that more than 50 FBI employees had unauthorized media contact.

The report also mentioned reporters having golf outings, getting drinks, and giving sporting-event tickets to FBI employees for access.

Hatch said that he is “not interested in hearing about additional training, which is necessary but not sufficient,” but wanted to know what Wray will due to identify and hold accountable employees that violate FBI policy.


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