New York Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Milwaukee to attend a fundraiser where he delivered a blistering speech attacking Scott Walker and the wealthy.

“Governor Walker is part of a dangerous breed of Republicans, a group actively working to dismantle the foundation for middle-class life.”


“Now listen,” he told attendees, according to the transcript, “I’m not saying Scott Walker set out to destroy Wisconsin’s middle class. But if that were his mission, I can’t think of a (darn) thing he’d had done differently! It’s no wonder why the latest polls show Governor Walker’s approval sinking to new lows. The people of Wisconsin can see beyond his pleasant smile and reassuring words. He tries to play the everyman – then he stabs the everyman in the back.”


Mayor de Blasio’s event was held at the exclusive and private Milwaukee Athletic Club (pictured above). According to Orbitz:

The Milwaukee Athletic Club is a private city club located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee….Built in 1917, the historic club sits on the corner of Broadway and Mason streets. The 12 floors house 17 meeting rooms including the stunning Grand Ballroom, restaurants, bars, 60 hotel rooms, separate athletic facilities for men and women, co-ed fitness studio, pilates studio, yoga studio and babysitting room…Swanky!



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