It was a wonderful sight to see a capacity crowd at Wrigley Field on Friday night! This was the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that there was a capacity crowd. The night’s bonus was Bill Murray’s renditio0n of ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ that has become a Cubs tradition. Cubs announcer Harry Carey for many years, sang this seventh-inning stretch song for the Cubs. Noted celebrities and politicians have chimed in, but there’s nothing like a Bill Murray rendition of the song.

Murray yelled to the crowd before the big moment: “This is what it feels like to be 100%…And, we’re gonna be louder from right now until the last out in the top of the 9th inning, understood?”

The Cubs were playing the Cardinals, so Murray called for the fans to taunt the Cardinal fans:

“Let’s scare the hell outta these Cardinals, let’s scare them!!” 

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The Cubs beat the Cards, 8-5, so maybe Murray’s scare tactic worked.

“Those fans helped us win that game.” —Cubs manager David Ross.

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