Another devastating weekend has rocked Chicago with 25 people being shot in just about 14 hours. This massacre has taken the lives of children, prosecuted child shooters, and affected the lives of adults as well. It wasn’t just one big shooting, but multiple shootings that erupted all within the 14-hour span that left the city rocked with sadness and police and ambulances scrambling to save people. One of the horrific shootings involved at least seven people who were shot and one of them was a three-year-old. 23 of them were shot just on Friday!

Chicago is often touted as having the most strict gun laws in the country. That’s not entirely true, but many websites will say it is because it grabs the reader’s attention. Chicago has tough, strict, laws and is super dangerous, but its laws are often similar to other cities. Many of the other cities with comparable laws just don’t have the amount of crime that Chicago does. Besides the fact that Chicago has typical gun laws that are common in most areas, they also have the same laws that suggest things like murder and attempted murder are illegal. Is it not enough to know murder is illegal? I guess not, because people in Chicago keep ignoring that law and it doesn’t seem like they care about the legal ramifications.

There’s already laws and punishments in place and people aren’t following those. What makes anyone think that criminals would all of a sudden follow a new law, let alone a law pertaining to a gun? They wouldn’t. You can’t make people follow new laws unless they’re following the old laws first.

Frustration is mounting and some people want Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign. The Democrat mayor seems to have lost control of his city and there does not appear to be any working solution in his agenda. It’s definitely time for him to step down and give control of Chicago to someone more effective.

Are we ready to have an adult conversation about guns and ammo yet and the laws? Can we sit down and have a talk about the x-factor that we know is called the human?

Let’s lay the facts out there, first. For starters, Chicago has gun laws and non-gun laws. Like other cities in the country, there are LAWS that everyone is expected to follow. For example, one of those laws is that murder is illegal. This law does not require a gun to be broken or followed, however, many people who break this law have used a gun. People who murder others also use hammers, knives, explosives, chemicals, and just about anything else they can think of. When someone shoots another person, then they’re usually attempting to murder them. Attempted murder is also illegal. Therefore, we have two laws that are often broken when people shoot each other. These laws don’t even affect the gun or the gun ownership. They’re just basic laws that remind people that it’s illegal to shoot each other and try to kill another person.

Now that we know it’s illegal to shoot people and try to murder them, then you would think everyone would stop shooting and put the guns down, right?


Without even talking about gun laws, let’s remind people that the criminals don’t follow the other laws, so making new laws won’t matter. If someone can go to jail for the rest of their life by committing murder, and they still don’t care, then what makes you think adding new gun laws to any city in the country is going to matter? It’s not. No amount of gun laws will ever matter because the people who break the laws don’t care about the laws.

That’s the reality of it.

That will not ever change.

People who break the laws will get a gun whenever they want one or they will use something else to hurt others. By unwritten rules of nature, there will ultimately be someone out of the millions of people in our country that break a law. There will not ever be a lifetime where we live on a planet where no one breaks the law. It’s just not possible. Neither is adding new laws and thinking that people will magically follow them.

In fact, there’s a good chance that everyone reading this right now is a criminal. Have you ever rolled through a stop sign? Then you broke the law. That makes you a criminal by technicality. Sure, you’re not a murderer, but you didn’t listen to all of the laws when you rolled through that stop sign, right?

The point is that no amount of gun laws will stop criminals from getting a gun and shooting someone.

It’s time to stop talking about gun control and start talking about people control, because there’s just certain people who need to get themselves organized and stop shooting. How can we stop shooting each other? How can we learn to settle our differences without weapons? How can we come to better resolutions with our disputes?

Why don’t we examine why people are shooting each other? Why don’t we focus on the human element and not the item used to cause harm?

Let’s also remember that a gun can be placed on a table and it won’t shoot anyone. It’s an inanimate object that requires human participation. The only problem now is the human. Is the person holding the gun a responsible citizen, or a criminal?

Now back to Chicago – tell me which one of the gun laws would have prevented 25 people from being shot in 14 hours?

I’ll wait.


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