The difference in foreign policy…Trump vs. Obama

Obama famously declared a “red line” but never followed through with it. As a result, over 250K Syrian civilians have died at the hands of Assad. The latest atrocity is another chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of men, women and children.

Daily Mail reports:

The Pentagon shared details early on Saturday of the successful, coordinated missile attack on Damascus which set the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program back ‘years’.

At a press conference in Washington DC on Saturday morning, Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie gave a detailed break-down of the 105 missiles launched, saying: ‘This is going to set the program back for years. We attacked the heart of the Syrian chemical weapons program.’

The first and largest target in the airstrikes was the Barzah Research and Development Center which was considered to be the ‘heart’ of the regime’s chemical weapons program.

The second target was the Hinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Facility. It was destroyed by 22 weapons including Scalp and Storm Shadows and three Naval cruise missiles. The third target, the Hinshar CW Bunker, was hit by seven Scalp missiles.

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