Yet another state has passed a bill through the Senate to ban access to virtually all abortions

Saturday, Republicans in Indiana’s State Senate successfully passed a bill that would outlaw nearly all abortions in the state from the time of conception.

Pro-life advocates celebrating

The special session of the Senate ended with a 26-20 vote in favor of the bill, and it will now head to the Republican-controlled House, where it is also likely to pass.

While the bill does make exceptions for rape, incest, and life-threatening pregnancies, these types of abortions account for less than 1% of all infanticide procedures.

The bill’s author, State Senator Sue Glick, called it a “huge step forward in protecting the life of the unborn children in our state,” she also admitted that she was among the Republican Senators who were not completely satisfied with the final bill.

Fellow Republican Senator Mike Young was against allowing exceptions for rape and incest as “exceptions equal death for unborn innocent children.”

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Meanwhile, 10 RINO Senators joined 10 Democrat colleagues in voting against the bill,  with both groups citing ridiculous reasons such as not enough women being represented in the Senate to make such a decision.

Still, the bill passed through the Senate and represents a major step forward in the fight for life, and for the rights of the most trampled upon group in the United States–the unborn.

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If the bill makes it through the state’s House and is signed by their Republican Governor, Eric Holcomb, Indiana will have among the most pro-life abortion laws in the nation.

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