The vaccine mandate is all about control over safety when it comes to letting first responders go. They are desperately needed with the rising crime in urban areas like Chicago.

The city of Chicago thought they could reach out to the suburban sheriffs to fill in for the police officers who didn’t follow the vaccine mandate. They were wrong!

The Chicago Tribune is reporting two key suburban county sheriffs said they will not send their deputies to Chicago.

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain responded to requests from CPD saying he will not send any personnel to Chicago unless an officer is under “direct duress” because he does not support what he calls the “slanted agenda” of the city’s politics:

“I don’t feel like the onus is on us to go in there in an emergency situation that was created by poor government and a lack of support the officers receive. These are global issues and law enforcement is blamed for excessive force and high crime rates, but there is a lack of human resources, vocational support programs and addiction treatment like we’ve done here in Kane County.”


DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick also said no to the request:

“It doesn’t make sense to say I only want my residents touching vaccinated people, but I’m going to send all these potentially unvaccinated people from other municipalities to replace them. This would be the same as the Chicago Bears benching their entire team and calling the Packers to come in and play the game before meeting the coach or seeing the playbook. It would be chaos.”

Photo Chicago Tribune

Hain made a great point comparing his state’s attorney to Cook County’s controversial Kim Foxx:

“It just seems to be a wild card without a clear understanding of what is reality and what is not. I have a great deal of faith in our state’s attorney here and I understand how she would review a case, but in Cook County, how does Jussie Smollett get so much attention and get released, but a police officer gets charged with excessive use of force and aggravated battery?”

He’s protecting his officers and he’s making a great point about sending in unvaccinated police officers from his department to cover for officers who were put on leave or fired for not getting the vaccine.

Sheriff Hain says he has received several calls from Chicago police officers asking if he is hiring.

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