A group of nearly 3,000 migrants is making its way from Guatemala to the US-Mexico border, with some carrying American flags and others with ‘Biden for all’ banners. The migrant caravan, made up mostly of Central and South Americans, as well as Haitians, began its journey in Tapachula and stormed through Mexico City yesterday. Mexican authorities attempted to stop the caravan with police and riot gear, but their efforts were to no avail as migrants tossed aside riot gear and pushed through police lines.

“We are going to resist. We are going to resist peacefully. We are not going for confrontation, we are going in the name of God and peacefully” said one of the organizers of the caravan. What we want is to receive attention regarding the administrative immigration paperwork according to law.”

On Friday, Customs and Border Patrol announced they’ve had 1.7 million migrants encounters at the border this year alone, the highest it’s ever been.

But this caravan poses yet another challenge to border officials. Migrants assembled in the caravan with QR codes on their phones. This highly organized invasion could pick up more steam as it nears the border like ones in years past.

Many Republicans are naming Biden, who reversed Trump-era immigration policies, as the reason why these migrants show so much confidence on their way to our country. At a Town Hall with CNN, Joe Biden said he “guesses” he should go down to visit the border.

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